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An online stopwatch can be a helpful tool to keep track of time while studying, doing various sports, or just relaxing. Its user-friendly format allows users to easily view time spent on daily activities. It shows the start and end times of each activity, the length of each activity, and the current date.

While most operating systems don't come with a stopwatch application, you can easily use an online stopwatch on your PC. For example, Windows 11 users can simply start the stopwatch using the clock application. Once the stopwatch is started, you can measure the elapsed time in minutes, seconds, or hours. This tool also includes a split timer feature to record lap times without restarting the stopwatch.

There are many options for online stopwatches, including websites and apps. Some are free, while others are paid. The most popular free alternative is Hourglass, which is also open-source. Other alternatives include WNR, Free Countdown Timer, and SnapTimer. Whether you need a countdown timer or a simple timer, you'll find a free online stopwatch on the Internet.

Another option is the Timer Tab, which has a stopwatch feature and lets you pause and reset the timer as you please. Moreover, the site offers a number of themes that you can customize. For a more modern and appealing option, you can also try Online-Stopwatch. This timer was originally a Flash-based timer, but has been re-made with HTML5 to suit a contemporary audience. It also offers different timers, including one that shows the number of seconds left to go before the stopwatch reaches zero.

Another option for an online stopwatch is to use a Google Timer. It can be used for various purposes including teaching timers. Just input time values into the box and click the "Set" button. You can also set an alarm with this tool. It has full screen functionality. If you have a large screen, this feature can help you to monitor time efficiently.

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