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Change the color of (something) by painting, dyeing, or shading it.
(of a person or their skin) show embarrassment or shame by becoming red; blush.
Influence, especially in a negative way; distort.

If you're looking for an online dictionary, you can't go wrong with Dictionary.com. This site was established on May 14, 1995, and the dictionary content is based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary. Editors add new definitions to this online dictionary as needed. The site has over 2 million entries and is the most widely-used dictionary on the Internet.

The dictionary covers a wide variety of topics, from computing to business to investing. In addition to its vocab list, this website also contains over two million synonyms and idioms. It even has autosuggest, which helps you find related words. You can search the online dictionary by typing a word and get a list of related words. The dictionary is free to use and you can build your own personal dictionary on it.

Another benefit of using an online dictionary is its ability to expand acronyms. It also offers more detailed definitions than a simple dictionary can. If you're a student or working on a research paper, you can look up new words with the help of an online dictionary. The dictionary opens in a new window when you click on the link.

Using an online dictionary for homework assignments is convenient, as it offers quick and comprehensive searches on any word you'd like. You can browse alphabetically, by topic, or by related words. You can also use the online thesaurus to find similar words. It is a great help if you're having trouble spelling difficult words, especially if you're working on a project that requires a complex word. The dictionary can even be downloaded on your smartphone or PDA.

If you're a student or a parent, you may find an online dictionary useful for your research. You can download it to multiple devices and use it with your child to learn new words or study a new subject. If your kid wants to learn a specific word, you can use it to make flash cards or complete other projects.

You can also search dictionaries for specific languages. For example, the English-English dictionary includes entries for all of the major languages, but you can also search for language-specific dictionaries. You can even customise your searches by using wildcards. It also allows you to compare words in various dictionaries.

If you're a parent, an online dictionary is the perfect resource to help you teach your child to learn new words. There are several great sites for parents to use. Most of these sites have games to help kids learn new vocabulary. For example, one website features a word-learning game, a rhyming dictionary, a daily buzzword, and a thesaurus. There's also an online dictionary for kids, as well as an app for your smartphone.

You should always check the quality of the dictionary. Some electronic dictionaries offer premium content from lexicographers and licensed data from print publications. Some are free, while others require a fee. Many have up to 500,000 headwords and a grammar reference section. Some even have word stemming capabilities.

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