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A color palette generator helps you create and save color schemes based on the predominant colors in your images. The tool is available online and allows you to upload your own images, as well as create color palettes that you can upload to Adobe's Creative Cloud applications. In addition, you can save your palettes and share them with other people.

Using a color palette generator is a great way to standardize your brand's color scheme across all your marketing channels. The use of colors in website design and branding is important to delivering a positive user experience to your audience. A study by Emerald Group found that 90% of consumers' snap judgments about products and services are based on color. Fortunately, there are many free color palette generators available online.

ColorHunt - Another free tool that can help you create personalized color palettes is ColorHunt. The tool allows you to input a base color and see variations in saturation, brightness, and darkness. It also has an incredibly easy-to-use interface, and offers a variety of options.

- Input data
- Click Generate
- Ready!
- Usually, it is a few seconds.
- Of course - use it as many as you need.
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