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An online name generator is a tool that can help you choose a random name. The generator allows you to choose the gender, first name, last name, syllable count, and length of the name. The name generator then generates a list of names that fit the requirements you specify. There are both baby boy and girl names available.

There are a couple of popular online name generators available. Brand Root is one of these. Their names are premium, but are available at a fair price. The company also includes a logo for the domain name. Brand Root's name generator is a great resource for finding a great brand name for your company.

Another popular option for an online name generator is Wordoid, a tool that can help you find available brand names. Simply enter your keyword under Pattern and click "Create wordoids." You will get several possible domain name ideas. You can modify the filter options to find a domain name that fits the requirements of your business.

Another good option is Squadhelp, an online name generator that provides a range of options. It includes mockup logos to provide an idea of what your name would look like, and the ability to listen to a voice pronounce the moniker. It also lets you screen for trademark conflicts, as well as perform a test audience analysis to see if it is a good fit.

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