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  • The objective of Yahtzee is to get as many points as possible by rolling five dice and getting certain dice combinations.

    The game consists of 13 rounds. The round starts by rolling all the dice. After this either score the current roll, or re-roll any or all of the five dice. The dice can be rolled a total of three times — the initial roll, plus two re-rolls of any or all dice. After rolling three times, the roll must be scored. Any roll can be scored in any category at any time, even if the resulting score is zero.

    The game continues until all 13 score categories have been filled.

  • All upper section categories score a sum of the specified die face. If the total score of all upper section categories is 63 or more, an extra bonus of 35 is added.

    3 of a kind: Get three dice with the same number. Scores the sum of all dice.
    4 of a kind: Get four dice with the same number. Scores the sum of all dice.
    Full House: Get three of a kind and a pair. Scores 25 points.
    Small Straight: Get four sequential dice. Scores 30 points.
    Large Straight: Get five sequential dice. Scores 40 points.
    Chance: You can put anything into chance. Scores the sum of the dice.
    YAHTZEE: Five of a kind. Scores 50 points. Each additional Yahtzee scores 100 extra points.

Upper section Score
Lower section Score
3 of a kind
4 of a kind
Full House
Small Straight
Large Straight

Yahtzee! . JS

Game over!
Your total score is

While it's true that Yahtzee is mostly a game of luck, there are some strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning. These strategies include keeping an optimistic mindset, knowing that the game can be unpredictable, and learning how to adjust your game style. Listed below are some of them:

One of the best ways to improve your game is to practice. If you don't have enough practice, using complicated strategies will be useless. Using online Yahtzee games is a great way to get a head start. This is because repetition is an important training tool, helping you to learn the game's intricate mechanics.

Although Yahtzee has a long history, it has changed with the times. Over the past decade, its popularity has skyrocketed. This is because of advances in technology and increased accessibility. There are now more people than ever playing electronic versions of Yahtzee on their computers.

You can play online Yahtzee at many gaming websites. You can play with friends, family, and complete strangers in a fun and competitive environment. To play online, you need to register on the game website. There are also many free versions of the game. This way, you can practice your skills with other players and improve your overall strategy.

If you want to play online Yahtzee in the privacy of your own home, you can also enjoy it anywhere, any time. The game has smooth animations of the dice, and the scoreboard is easy to understand. As the game progresses, you'll need to use your strategy to get the maximum amount of dice.

You can play multiplayer Yahtzee online with up to 20 other players. Depending on the number of people playing, you can choose the number of players and the number of rounds. Alternatively, you can play against the computer. You can even compete against other players from around the world in this social network game.

When playing Yahtzee online, you can try different scoring combinations. You can get three of a kind or a four of a kind for a total score, which is the same as a full house or a pair of fours. You can also choose to get a small or big straight. This will yield a normal score of thirty to forty points.

You can also practice strategies with online Yahtzee. Before starting your game, you should understand how different combinations work and how they are calculated. A well-organized strategy will ensure that you don't make a silly mistake that will cost you a low score. It's also important to know how to use your skills in the game.

Another way to improve your score is to focus on the Upper Section Bonus. This bonus is awarded if you score 63 points in the Upper Section. To earn the bonus, you need to roll three of each scoring category. If you are down a few points, you can try to make up the difference by rolling four of a kind. This is a simple way to improve your average Yahtzee score.

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